Day 10

Monday 20.11.2023

Expedition to Kélonia and beach of l`Hermitage.

On day 10 we took the bus from Saint Joseph to Saint Leu where we got to take a closer look on how the turtles were rescued and how things like operating on them worked. Other than that we got taught on how to help them get back out into the wildlife and what the facility does to protect their eggs and babies start their lives safely. The gift shop had some cute bracelets, stuffed animals, posters about turtles and a lot of magnets and postcards.

Later in the day we went to jet another beach which was located in Saint Gilles, it was more so a beach to relax than swim because the water was only knee high, at least where it was safe to swim. We made sure it would be a good time by playing volleyball, football, burying Lukas in the sand, we also learned new gymnastic moves, listened to music  and played some games.