DAY 1: An Unforgettable Journey: From Saint-Denis to Heidenheim


Our trip began with a bus journey to Saint-Denis airport.

We took off at around 9pm and arrived at Orly at around 6am. After a short break, we set off again for Charles-de-Gaulle airport, a journey that took about an hour.


We had a stopover of about three hours before catching our flight to Stuttgart, Germany. The flight was short and we arrived an hour later.


The first day of school was an enriching experience. A teacher gave us a tour of the school, showing us the computer rooms, the examination room and the library. We had a one-hour German lesson where we learned to say “Hello” in different ways, to say “Goodbye”, to ask “How are you?”, to pronounce the alphabet and to count from “0 to 20”. Afterwards, we presented our project to our hosts’ whole class, took part in activities with them and had lunch in the school cafeteria.

We also had the opportunity to visit Heidenheim town hall, where we had the chance to meet the town’s mayor. Afterwards, we visited Heidenheim Castle.

This trip was an unforgettable experience, full of learning and discovery. We’re looking forward to new adventures on our next trips.