German stereotypes

There are many differences between the stereotypes of german and french people. Starting from food going all the way to everyday behaviours. German people, if you like to think so, are often described as humorless, grumpy people that get annoyed when the childrens ball gets shot into their garden.

The Stereotype german walks around on the 17th federal state of germany inside their sandals with socks and a beer in their hand.

Every year many people come to Munich for the Wiesn with a Tracht, so the men wear leather pants and the women wear a Dirndl.

On Sunday Germans like to go hiking. Often times near their home, but there are also a lot of, mostly elderly people, that are driving to the mountains on many occasions. They even go out when it’s raining, because in Germany we say: “Du bisch doch et aus Zucker”!

Germans like to drink beer and they tend to drink a lot of it. And if they are not on vaccation they tend to plan their days really strictly and therefore always be on time. That is a traditional breakfast in Bavaria. It´s called Weißwurstfrühstück.

Here you can see Sauerkraut. It is as traditional, most of the time ascitic vegetable that germans like to eat with mashed potatoes and sausages.