Day 8

Saturday 18.11.2023

We had the opportunity to visit a market in Saint Pierre. Some had the chance to buy fresh fruit like coconuts and pineapple or buy some souvenirs like clothes, magnets and accessories. Afterwards most of the exchange students met at the beach where we also had the chance to participate in a celebration of Indian culture on La RĂ©union island. During the celebration of “Dipavali” everyone started to throw paint at each other, we watched the sunset together and there was a firework.

While most went to the beach to enjoy the sun, others went on a hike to the volcano, where they visited the museum to learn more about the history of the volcano and the damages the eruptions caused. They saw roads that often get covered with lava, and therefore have to be rebuilt quite often. There also was a church that was surrounded by lava but somehow got spared and got away with only very little damage.