Day 4

Tuesday 14.11.23

So we spoke with some students from different groups and asked them a few question about the Day.
On this Day we started to work on the Project and in the afternoon we went to Manapany.

So what is your Topic to work on?
– Selim: We are working on the Economy of the Reunion Island.

How is the working atmosphere in your group ?
– Leticia: At first i was a bit shy but with the time we improved our teamwork because we got to know each other more and more.

Are you satisfied with your results?
– Selim: At the time we are doing this interview, we are still in the working phase but I am happy that everyone is working hard.

Then we went to Bassin de Manapany, what is this?
– Leticia: Manapany is natural pool in the ocean surrounded by the rocks.

How was your day there in Bassin de Manapany?
– Selim: It was refreshing, we had a lot of fun especially because of Jan. It was a great day with a bang as the ending.